Thriving in Motherhood: Find your Mom Circle

It’s simple: mothers need other mothers. If you’re already a mother, you may already know this. But if you’re a new mother, expecting or just beginning to plan, this simple truth may be one of motherhood’s best kept secrets. We women are strong, resilient and determined. We take pride in being self-reliant and capable. We will take on motherhood with the same determination and strength that we’ve used in the rest of our lives. But we don’t have to do it alone and we shouldn’t do it alone. We aren’t expected to. It takes a village to raise a child, this is certainly true. But your village must include other mothers, because they enrich your village in ways no one else can. They are one of your bests assets in surviving and thriving the beautiful chaos of motherhood. We all know motherhood is a journey. It’s a gift and a blessing. But it can be hard and lonely and scary and unknown and uncertain and so tough at times.

But other moms, they get it. They give you strength, support, empathy, opinions, stories, assurance, laughs, cries and love. They truly understand what you’re living each day and they can help you through in a way no one else can.

So get out there. Seek out your mom group, find your sister circle. Go beyond connecting in the digital world. Find a moms group in your community. Sign up for mom and baby classes. Go to meet up groups. Go to the park. Introduce yourself. Start to find your tribe, form your support group, create your mom circle. It is most definitely one of the keys to thriving in motherhood.