Embracing Motherhood’s Madness

It’s true; motherhood is madness. It’s beauty and chaos and love and exhaustion and deep breaths and tears and laughter and one foot in front of the other, every day. It gives us the deepest sense of purpose while occasionally making us think everything is completely out of control. There are days when the pieces fit: naps happen, meals are prepared, children play, we laugh and smile and all is well. But then there are days that go on forever, filled with tears and fights and spills and toys everywhere and piles of laundry and dirty dishes and everyone just might eat cereal for dinner. And that’s ok.

It’s a beautiful madness that swings like a pendulum. It’s an unpredictable madness, at the mercy of babies and toddlers and children. And as mothers we try to embrace it. We try to be the balancing force behind it, moving towards equilibrium while allowing room for the ups and downs. It asks us to dig deep and expand fully. It takes so much from us and still asks for more. As mothers we find more to give, every day.

But we know we cannot be the best version of ourselves if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. We cannot move forward in this crazy and magical role of motherhood if we are not nurturing our own souls. We cannot thrive in this madness if we are not allowing ourselves to embrace it and to evolve through it.

What's one small thing you can add to your daily routine that's just for you, something that nurtures your soul? Is it 10 sun salutations, a cup of tea, 3 pages from your favorite book, a phone call, a walk, anything. Find it and make it a must so that you can move towards the best version of yourself in the midst of motherhood’s madness.