The Inner Voice: Our guide through motherhood

The inner voice is powerful and moving. It guides us in ways that no one and nothing else can. How long has it been since you had a listen? Have you heard it lately? It’s there. Beneath the daily demands that come along with motherhood, it’s there. Behind the baby’s cries and the toddler’s constant questions, under the singing and laughing and screaming and the tantrums, it’s there.  It’s the voice of our truth, the voice that speaks from our core. The one that brings us back to our essence. But while days get busy and weeks fly by in blinks, we forget to keep up this conversation within ourselves. We forget to search inside for direction and answers and guidance. But truly these are all there.

So still the noise of the world. Resist the constant busyness of social media and the internet.  Create space and time for an inner conversation. Disconnect with your outside world to connect with what’s inside. You are full of wisdom and creativity and strength. This is where it all resides. Have a listen. There is a part of your heart that wishes to speak.

This week, commit to finding a moment each day to draw within, to listen to your wisdom and to feel your strength. First thing in the morning before the littles awake, perhaps during nap times, maybe just before bedtime at night, but find a moment each day. Just one if that's all you have time for. And it may feel a bit strange at first, this internal time. But keep going. Sit in silence, eyes closed, deep breaths. Embrace the peace, release your busy mind and give your inner voice a chance to speak.