Navigating through fear in motherhood

Fear can overcome us as mothers. It wakes us in the night, clings to us as we move through our days and sits heavy within us as we close our eyes once again. And it’s not a bad thing. It watches us closely with every step we take. It walks with us through our days, whispering in our ear. Fear keeps us in one piece, safe, protected.

But the only thing fear will ever say to you is “No, don’t do it. Stay right here.” And that message can be paralyzing. It glues us to this ground, to this exact spot. It keeps us still and abandons any thoughts of risk, of discomfort, of growth. Fear promises us safety and ease if we only listen to it, but safety and ease are not the reasons we walk this earth. We haven’t been put here to glide through these days. We have been put here to move, to shake, to grow and climb. We’ve been put here to explore and go farther, fiercely, than we have before. And this requires us to step into the unknown at times, to jump from the ledge at times, to close our eyes and trust as we are hurled into the uncharted at times.

So respect your fear and hear your fear, but don’t be overcome by your fear. Don’t let it wash through every thought you have and every decision you make. Give it a spot in your life, but know that it is always asking you to stay, to seek safety and ease. Just as fear is telling you to stop, to stay right here, there is another voice telling you to go, to do, to become, to grow. Hear that one too.

fear in motherhood