Passing in a Blink: A reminder to find presence in parenting

How sad it would be to realize one day that we were not awake, aware, alive for these years, these days and these moments. We hear they pass in a blink. We hear it over and over. But these moments can feel heavy and days can drag on. Sometimes this “blink” we hear of seems ridiculous. But sometimes it does not. As we teach our children to walk and as we pack away their baby clothes, they begin the journey into independence. It’s what we intended all along. It’s what babies do. It’s what we did.

So while babies are small, while toddlers toddle, find depth and presence, even in the chaos. Connect truly and act consciously as you parent. Enrich, enliven, engage. Build a foundation of strength and love, of honesty and acceptance. Invest in these moments, even the challenging ones. And as our babies begin to walk, to ride, to journey and take flight, we will know that even though it was a blink, even though it passed quickly, we were there. We were awake, aware and alive, and they will feel it too.

Remember to find depth and presence, even in the chaos.