Our greatest challenges, our greatest teachers

Every day, every single day, we face challenges. We face people and places and things that feel confrontational, confusing, hard, maybe even impossible. And some of our greatest challenges come from our greatest loves. Our children push us and pull us and demand and refuse. They stand firm and then fall apart. And we are there. We catch them. But just as we’re helping them to their feet, just as we’re dusting them off, they start to push us and pull us again.

Breathe deeply mamas. These little loves of ours, these little beings, sifting through their internal world while learning to navigate the external world. It’s hard work for them. And it’s hard work for us too. On the days when they feel like our greatest challenges, know that they are also our greatest teachers.

Where else were we given a second chance to experience childhood so closely? Who else has asked us to dig down deep, oh so deep, to see what we are really made of and to show us a depth to ourselves that we never knew? And how would we ever have a chance to feel such unconditional love while being tested endlessly? Where else would we be given the opportunity to practice patience and kindness and generosity every single day? It is through practicing these things over and over that we become them.

We matter in their world. We are pivotal. And they matter so much in our world too, in more ways than we may realize. Just as the good moments fill us with love and happiness, the challenging moments fill us with growth, the chance to learn and evolve into a space we may not have seen before.

So embrace the challenges, embrace the new space these challenges open up to us. Dig deep and grow. These little teachers of ours, they are relentless and they are powerful. And even in the moments that don’t pass with ease, know that they are our greatest teachers.

Greatest Teacher