Start Out With Seed & Song: Incorporating Music & Yoga Into Your Prenatal Journey

It's important to start out right- to start your day right, to start a project with the correct materials, to start a journey with the right map and the necessary supplies. Motherhood is the same. This is why we are thrilled to be launching our Seed & Song Prenatal Class. 

There are many prenatal yoga classes, and this is wonderful. Staying fit, flexible, centered and calm during the pregnancy journey is essential. Our program, designed by certified yoga instructors, music therapists and mothers, builds on these principles and takes them to another level. Just like our mom and baby and mom and toddler classes, all our music is created by board certified music therapists with the aim of supporting the movement through the music. The messaging of our music is designed specifically with mama and baby in mind. 

There are many wonderful mom and baby music classes but not as many programs for integrating music into the pregnancy journey but it is so important. We know that babies develop hearing at 18 weeks and that newborns recognize and respond to the sound of their mothers voice from the moment they are born. Talking and singing during pregnancy is a wonderful way for mothers to connect with their baby in utero. Our classes encourage music participation and singing throughout. We also teach moms songs they can sing throughout pregnancy and then take these songs into their child's life to teach and soothe them. 

Start out with Seed & Song. This unique program will truly support you and guide you as you prepare for you baby.