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How it works  Select a class works with your schedule and register today for your spot in the 6-week class series. Makeup classes are available. Plus,  let you know ahead of time you miss a class and we'll prorate your tuition. 

Come ready to practice  light yoga postures with an emphasis on building strength and ways to include your little one into your practice. During class enjoy a brief meditation, focus on breath and a long savasana. Connect to your baby, body & breath. 

Tuition is only $109 for all 6 classes. Option to buy the music and curriculum to use at home for an additional $25

Can't make all 6 weeks? Email us

*Bring a blanket for your baby and anything else you may need personally.

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About Seed & Song Classes


Seed & Song | Toddler  

walking - 3 yrs old

We are thrilled to announce the addition of our Mom and Toddler Music and Yoga Classes! These unique classes incorporate live instruments, singing, yoga, dance, and art. Because toddlers are our most active clients, these classes are designed to be fast paced and full of new and exciting activities. The class allows for child and mom to practice yoga together and some space for mom to practice on her own, while our gifted teachers engage the children in singing, dancing and art making. Our original music teaches social interaction, supports language and motor development, and teaches mindfulness to our little yogis. 

Seed & Song | Baby  

infant - pre-walking 

Babies engage in music with instruments, sound play,  rhyme scarves, expand-a-ball, parachutes, and more.  Moms are challenged to incorporate baby into their yoga practice.  Seed & Song curriculum uses a set yoga sequence paired with easy to sing chants that promotes baby's learning.  Our teachers are registered yoga teachers with specialization in postnatal yoga as well as board certified music therapists. We play the ukulele, which is the perfect size & sound for little ears.



It’s a whole different energy in there. To have time away from distractions is really special.
— Tiffany
I felt like the Seed & Song classes were a great opportunity for me to connect with my baby and also connect with other moms in the community. It’s been a great experience and I would highly recommend it.
— Janel
“It’s a great way to have fun with your baby and practice a little bit of self love.”
— Sylvie