Frequently Asked Questions

- for classes at Studio Lively - 


  1. Do I need to register before class?  Yes. Please email to register for a 6-week series. 

  2. Can I try a free class before I purchase a package at Studio Lively? We open our doors for new moms to try one of our “free intro classes” once a month.   This is your opportunity to trial the class and see if it’s a good fit for you and your baby. Drop-in rates and class packages apply to all other regularly scheduled classes. This applies to our Studio Lively Classes only.

  3. What should I bring to class?
    • Yoga mat
    • Water bottle
    • Baby blanket for the infant class
    • Toy for baby
    • Anything else you might need
  4. Can I borrow a yoga mat? Yes. We have yoga mats you may use for free.

  5. Is there parking? Street parking is available on El Cajon Blvd and adjacent side streets (Van Dyke Ave and Copeland Ave)

  6. Can dads/partners/grandparents come to class too?  Yes of course. All are welcome.

  7. What if my baby falls asleep on the way to class? Mama gets to do yoga. Don’t worry if your baby falls asleep, they can join in the fun when they wake up. Our classes are designed to fit your needs.

  8. I have two kids under 3 can I bring them both? Yes. It’s perfectly fine to bring both kiddos. We recommend that you come to the toddler class. You may also wish to bring a baby carrier for your little one so that your arms are free to move.

  9. What can I expect from the toddler class? The toddler class will focus on the development of your little person while creating space for you and your baby to practice yoga together. Your little one is watching and learning from everything you do. It is totally age appropriate for your little one to wander around and explore. 

  10. I’m pregnant again, can I still come to the toddler class? Yes, please do! But let your teacher know ahead of time so they can make appropriate modifications for you if necessary.

Got more questions? Please contact us