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Seed & Song in your Home

6 week series. Gather at lease 6 friends. Each mom pays $109 

We get it, sometimes it is ridiculously impossible to leave your house when you are taking care of little people. Why leave? We'll come to you. You provide a clean space, at least 6 mom friends, water for everyone and we will come provide our 6 week series in the comfort of your home.  And here's the best part- in exchange for hosting and being totally fabulous, you get the series completely FREE! What are you waiting for?   Email us

Community music and yoga Seed and song

Seed & Song in your Community

Birthday parties.  Baby showers.  Play dates.  And so much more.

Seed & Song specializes in bringing the joy of music and movement to you and your community.  We bring instruments, live music, and interactive fun appropriate for all ages. Our rates vary depending on amount of time, distance, and your specific needs. Please inquire within so we can help you design the perfect event for you. Email us