This is for YOU mama!

Motherhood is a massive part of our identities. We embrace and cherish this part of ourselves, this identity we have been trusted with. It is, after all, glorious and beautiful. But it is also challenging. Motherhood exhausts and drains us. It asks more of us than we ever thought we had, and then still asks for a bit more. We sacrifice sleep and peace and sanity. We give up so many parts of the life we used to live, the women we used to be so we can step selflessly into this new identity. If we are not careful, we are consumed.

But deep down, we are still there. The woman before motherhood, with the independence, passion, and strength, she is still there. And in motherhood, she can grow and evolve, becoming a force and a true beauty. But we need to nurture that side of ourselves, the side that existed before motherhood. We need to reconnect and restore, to spend time as a woman, with other women, remembering and embracing all of the other parts of us that exist alongside our role as a mother.

So come. Join us for a morning with other mothers, a morning with other women, where we will reconnect with our true selves. We will rest and restore. We will come together as a tribe of women, expanding our community and deepening our connection to the self.


  1. Saturday Nov 23, 2019 Location: San Diego