This is a 25 hour training that will set you on a new path in your career as a yoga teacher. We’ve created something new. It’s powerful. It’s impactful. It’s taking the world of mom & baby yoga to the next level!

Our curriculum utilizes the power of yoga and music therapy strategies to transform, empower and balance the motherhood journey. But this is growing rapidly, so we’re searching for passionate, motivated teachers to join our team. There are many ways to teach mom & baby yoga, but Seed & Song teachers offer something completely unique. We have created a one-of-a-kind platform for teachers to grow their yoga businesses, develop their niche and make more money.

In our training, you will:

Training will be held at Resounding Joy Inc: 10455 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92121

  • Understand the powerful impact of music therapy strategies and yoga on baby's development
  • Explore how music and yoga can support, empower and transform motherhood
  • Learn how to teach the full Seed & Song curriculum
  • Master how to build a sustainable and profitable Seed & Song business
  • Learn how to successfully market to mothers in your area
  • Understand how to setup a successful class
  • Learn how to incorporate live music in your classes (like the ukulele!)

As a licensed Seed & Song teacher, you have access to:

  • Seed & Song music, recorded and used only in our classes
  • Seed & Song class curriculum
  • Newly released curriculum and music
  • Our exclusive S&S Teacher community
  • Private mentorship
  • Seed & Song marketing materials
  • And you will be listed on our Seed & Song teachers page so mothers in your area can find you

“My daughter and I love Seed & Song classes and have incorporated some of the songs into our everyday activities. The class is such a perfect mix between music and movement, so there is something for everyone! We can't wait to go back!"
-Jenna | San Diego, CA


The music for our classes was created specifically for our classes. It’s unique. It’s powerful. It is based in music therapy strategies. Mothers love it and it supports the development of their babies. No more searching iTunes for new music. No more scrambling before class to pull together your playlist. We have it for you. It’s amazing and we’re constantly creating more. In the training you will also learn how to play and incorporate the ukulele in your class. However, it is not necessary to be able to play an instrument in class for you to be successful in teaching this curriculum.


The yoga sequences and philosophy used in our classes were developed to fully support babies in their development, and also mothers in their journey through motherhood. Being a mom requires a lot physically, emotionally and mentally. We have built classes that empower women in all of these aspects. As a yoga teacher, this means that you have a strong foundation to build your classes from. We offer a very solid and comprehensive structure while still providing the opportunity for you to make it your own, unique class.


So many yoga teachers get into the business of teaching because they feel passionate about yoga. But the challenges of building a sustainable, financially rewarding business quickly becomes a struggle and burnout is always looming. We know this. We’ve been there. And we’ve worked hard to find a solution! Seed & Song teachers have a niche, a very powerful niche. Mom and baby yoga has exploded in recent years. And we’re building on that. Bringing together the worlds of yoga and music therapy strategies for mothers and babies has created a truly unique and powerful class experience, and mothers love it!

We invite you to join our team! Leverage the Seed & Song curriculum to have an impact on mothers. Teach classes that work with your schedule. Build your business. Become a part of our teacher community!

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