“My daughter and I love Seed & Song classes and have incorporated some of the songs into our everyday activities. The class is such a perfect mix between music and movement, so there is something for everyone! We can't wait to go back!”

— Jenna,  June 2015

Testimonial 2 Jenna

“A great way to exercise with my baby and immerse him in music. The yoga was great and quite a challenge with my son, but having all those instruments around was fantastic


— Tanya,  July 2016

Testimonial 1 Tanya

"I felt like the Seed & Song classes were a great opportunity for me to connect with my baby and also connect with other moms in the community. It's been a great experience and I would highly recommend it."

Janel,  November 2016

“It's a great way to have fun with your baby and practice a little bit of self love.”

— Sylvie,  November 2016

It's a whole different energy in there. To have time away from distractions is really special.”

— Tiffany,  November 2016


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