A space where mom and baby can grow together

As music therapists and yoga teachers, we understand the impact music and yoga can have in a mother's life and in her baby's development. All of our music has been created to support the movement and flow of the class for moms while also supporting babies in their motor, social and language development. Seed & Song fosters a space where both mother and baby can grow. Our curriculum uses evidence based music strategies to support neurological, social- emotional, physical and spiritual development of your baby while enriching your yoga practice.

Making music more than entertainment-- it's an elemental, cultural expression connecting us to one another. Mama's voice offers recognition and security; while singing cultivates bonding to support baby's well being. Don't worry if singing is not your forte- your little one has not been conditioned to pass judgement. Music is a tool that can be used intentionally to structure daily routines, set up expectation, carry information, and soothe your baby.

Yoga Practices support your transition into motherhood while embracing the impermanence of babydom. Women experience dramatic physical and emotional shifts ushering their babies Earth-side. You deserve a sacred space to (re) connect to your body, baby and breath.


Curriculum Philosophy 

We created Seed & Song because we saw a need in our own lives and community for this program. As mothers we know  the transition to motherhood can be challenging. We know how important community is. We know how crucial it is to find moments to breathe and connect with the person we have been and the new person we are becoming. We want the best for our babies and we want to be our best selves for them.

Yogic principles:

Yoga means union, to come together. Our classes are designed to unite mom and baby, music and yoga, movement and breath, mind and body.  

Our Body transforms. Pregnancy, birth and adapting to life as a mother requires a lot from our physical selves, and sometimes this creates a feeling of disconnection. Yoga connects us to our bodies, bringing awareness, building strength, finding flexibility, moving parts of ourselves that may otherwise be neglected.

Our Breath carries us through this life, doing so without us even being aware of it. Deep breathing has been proven to affect the brain, the heart, the digestion and the immune system, and it can have a profound impact on our physiology and our health. Seed & Song classes connect you to your breath,  trains the body’s reaction to stressful situations and decreases the release of harmful stress hormones.

Our Mind As mothers, we strive for balance in life, to remove ourselves from living in a reactive, emotional state and instead feel grounded and stable. We want to be the best versions of ourselves, but none of this is easy when we are sleep deprived, exhausted and constantly in demand. We bring mothers back to a place of awareness with tools to embrace each moment.

Music principles: 

Our original soundtrack is an integral part of our classes.  The development of the curriculum is rooted in evidence-based music strategies to enhance your practice and stimulate your baby's development. 

Repetition is necessary for learning any new skill for both moms and babies alike.  Not only does our curriculum encourage repetition overall by following the same posture sequence, but also within the class, each chant-like songs repeats.  

Rhyming and Simple Musical Structure  Babies’ respond to predictability. This is why babies love lullabies and nursery rhymes. Our songs are musically structured with simple harmonic patterns that support baby’s developmental stage. Exposure to patterns within music fosters efficient auditory processing and primes the brain to make sense of language.  

Call & Response  Across ancient cultures call and response is the heart of communication. Before babies learn to speak they coo and gurgle back and forth with their caregivers. Music with this kind of call and response teaches the reciprocal nature of language.

Melodic and Rhythmic Cueing When your brain processes music your body naturally entrains to the music; meaning rhythmic input primes your muscles to synchronize to beat/pulse. Throughout our curriculum we have intentionally set each tempos to reflect what movement is happening at that point during class.  Melody can also cue movement. Melodic lines ascending in pitch is paired with upward reaching movement. 

Meet the Founders

Laura Rose Anderson

Laura is a seasoned space holder dedicated to supporting women through all stages of life. She is a board certified music therapist with over five years of experience working with children of all abilities across clinical and school-based settings. Laura is also a devoted Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and teacher specializing in pre/postnatal yoga. When guided to offer music blended with yoga classes, she answered the call to pioneer the field. From its inception, Seed & Song has been a powerful source of creativity, inspiration, and radical self love. She is humbled to watch it grow and enhance the lives of new moms and their precious babes. 

Melissa Kushnaryov

Melissa is a dedicated and passionate mother, yoga instructor, meditation teacher and slow lifestylist. She has been teaching yoga for nearly 10 years, specializing in pre/postnatal and restorative yoga. Melissa leads a very busy and active life, as many mothers do, and has worked hard to create a balance between the fast and the slow. She loves sharing her insights into slow living, particularly as it pertains to motherhood, with those around her. The desire to elevate all mothers through conscious parenting and self love has led her to be a part of Seed & Song.